A fun conversation with the man who put THE PUNISHER in The big Leagues with his 1986 mini series CIRCLE OF BLOOD,. We talk about his work with Gil Kane, His crime comics, the Permanent Damage column at CBR and his epic bio comic on the late Pope John Paul The 2nd!



  1. I like the new interview almost as much as I like the spam comments đŸ˜‰

  2. I discovered your site this past week and I’ve enjoyed the interviews very much. You really seem to get the best out of your subjects. I’ve listened to a few comic podcasts and yours are by far the most professional.However, the Steven Grant one seems to stop quite suddenly mid-flow. Did your tape run out or are you going to put up more at a later date?Anyway, apart from that quibble, keep up the great work! It’s great!

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