FX CON Part Deux

It’s time for part two, the wrap of up my coverage of
the FX con in Orlando Florida. In this episode you’ll
hear from Gene Ha the Eisner Award winning artist,
who’s working with Grant Morrison on The Authority
from Wildstorn, and a few other high profile projects.

Artist Mike Perkins tells us what he can about Capt
America’s post civil war plans, and other projects in
the works at Marvel.

Chuck Dixon Lays out his Wildstorm slate of books.

Cover painter Mark Sparacio tells us about his cover
work for the overstreet guide, comic buyers guide,
Heroes for Hire at marvel and more upcoming work

Indie creators Derrick Fish (Dandy & Co) , Shannon
Chenowith (The Line) , and Art Baltazar (Gorilla
Gorilla & Patrick The Wolf Boy)

and we wrap things up with two stars from the Sci-fi
Chanel’s hit series Eureka, the father daughter duo
of Collin Ferguson and Jordan Hinson

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