Tales Of the Un-Conventional

We’re in that “twilight zone” time between two big conventions, post San Diego, but pre Wizard Chicago. To tide us over till the news from the windy city start pouring in, Word Balloon host John Siuntres presents this collection of creator convention stories.

Brian Michael Bendis shares classic encounters with Lou Ferrigno,
and a memorable writers panel where he had to contend with a great
Marvel writer, who didn’t agree with today’s decompressed story telling.

Jimmy Palmiotti talks about the strange promotion a convention in Spain set up, to tie into the release of the Garth Ennis Amanda Connor classic, THE PRO.

Chuck Austen gives a first hand account Of Alan Moore strange adventures at the infamous 1986 SDCC, his first (and last) American convention, and then shares a 2002 Chicago story, about what it’s like dealing with irate x-fans on the con circuit.

And Tim Bradstreet tells us what it’s like when master artist Jim Steranko holds court with younger creators , after hours at a con weekend.


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