Robert Kirkman’s Zombies Are Chasing Me !

In this episode of Word Balloon, host John Siuntres begins a two part conversation with writer Robert Kirkman.

Kirkman gives us an update on Haunt, his 2008 collaboration with Todd McFarlane, of which the writer says, “I’ve written the script for it…we’re looking for a May/June 2008 launch. Todd will be designing all the characters,and I’m going to say he’ll be doing all the covers . Hopefully it will be a cool book, I’ve got some cool stuff planned.”

We also hear a preview of his return to the Marvel Zombies universe, as Marvel Zombies 2 hits the stores this month. We’ll also discuss his string of Image creator owned books, including the very popular Invincible, and his other Zombie mega hit The Walking Dead. he talks about turning over a couple of his creations to new writers, like Bruce Brown (currently writing Brit), and the upcoming Atom Eve miniseries written by Benito Cereno.

On the subject of craft, Kirkman discusses his thoughts on the difficulties in writing a first issue, selling a new series to the public and more


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