Mike Grell On Jon Sable, Green Arrow, The Warlord & Beyond

In this episode of Word balloon, host John Siuntres presents a conversation with one of the great stars of the brozne age,
who still draws amazing work today, Mike Grell.

Grell’s work goes back to the 1970’s on titles like the Legion Of Superheroes and Batman, but you have to include his own creations like The Warlord and his revamp of DC’s Green Arrow which began with The Longbow Hunters in 1986.

Grell went to Pacific and later First Comics creating works like Starslayer and Jon Sable, Freelance. Grell is midway through a new Sable story,
Ashes Of Eden . The story will eventually be collected as a trade, but you can follow the story for free at http://www.comicmix.com. In the interview Grell discusses how his own militray inteligence background informed the 1980’s stories of Sable, and his future work with the character.

Grell has another story in the works with Mark Ryan called The Pilgrim,
The story is a modern supernatural thriler, based in part on
factual accounts of the British Gov’t study of the occult to combat
the Nazis during WW2. “Mark crafted the story, and frankly it gives me the willies.”

Other future projects for Grell may include a return to his charcter Travis Morgan, The Warlord.”I’m working on a DC proposal for a new Warlord story… we’ll see.”

His also has two novels in the works, one featuring Sable, the other Savage Empire, which is sword and sandals epic based on an original comic strip idea of Grell’s, about an archeologist who time travels back to Atlantis.


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