Jay Faerber Master Of the Faerberverse

On this edition of the Word Balloon Podcast, Host John Siuntres welciomes back writer Jay Faerber who discusses his unique spin on super hero books.

The conversation revolves around Jay’s 3 current hero books all from Image Comics…

Dynamo 5 the story of 5 illegitimate super powered offspring of a iconic but
flawed super-dad.

Nobel Causes Jay’s super-powered soap opera which returns advancing
the story and characters 5 years into the future ,causes new relationships, romances and conflicts for Doc Nobel and his family of heroes and villains.

Plus, his new 5 part mini series out in May Gemini, which Jay describes as
a “Manchurian candidate”-hypnotically programmed hero, who by day is unaware of his hyper-powered alter ego, and the spy team that has programmed him, and guides him.


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