Ron Marz Adding To The Legacy Of Heroes

Today on the Word Balloon Podcast Host John Siuntres and writer/editor Ron Marz discuss the concept of the legacy hero character in comic books. You’ll hear Marz compare his Green Lantern , Kyle Rayner toDani Baptiste, one of the current holders of the Witchblade for Top Cow

The conversation begins with an in depth look at Witchblade #116, which is a launching point for new readers, as Sara Pezzini and Dani
share the power of the Witchblade. Marz discusses some hints in regards to the future of the series, and his current collaborator artist Stjepan Sejic.

Marz also discusses his duties as an editor at Virgin Comics
over-seeing their Shakti line of books, including Devi, Ramayan Reloaded, and The Sadhu.

They also look back at Ron’s years at writing for the star wars books at Dark Horse, his time at Crossgen, working on Scion with JIm Cheung,
The Path with Bart Sears, and Sojourn with Greg Land.

Future plans for Marz include In May, a new mini series for Virgin called
Depak Chopra’s BEYOND, an adaptation of a screenplay Chopra wrote.
Also the Devi/Witchblade crossover. In addition to the regular Witchblade series (where Ron is committed til at least issue #150) , he’ll write this summer’s Top Cow crossover mini series Broken Trinity.

Later on this year for Dark Horse he will get back to his co-creator owned Samurai Heaven and Earth vol 3 with artist Luke Ross, and
another mini series Pantheon City with Canadian artist Clement Sauve


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