Mike Norton And The Art Of The Quick Draw

On This edition of the Word Balloon podcast, host John Siuntres catches up with DC artist Mike Norton. The guy’s been busy, taking over the pencil duties on Green Arrow/Black Canary from Cliff Chiang, starting with this week’s issue #7.

We’ll also get a behind the scenes look at some new books on the way this month and beyond…

Mike talks about drawing this month’s Blue Beetle all Spanish issue #26, written by Jai Nitz , and he’s drawn three weeks of back up stories, in the upcoming DC weekly,Trinity, collaborating with the legendary veteran Jerry Ordway.

He also talks about wrappingThe All New Atom, and reflects about working with writer Gail Simone, His work on Metamorpho Year One with Dan Jurgens, and The Image Book Loaded Bible 3 written by Tim Seely, and drawn by Norton and Chris Johnson .

Norton is a podcaster too. He co-host’s the CrankCast with artist Chris Crank. Norton Crank and Siuntres participated in last year’s 24 hr comic podcast with many other comic book artists and podcasters. John and Mike discuss the prospects of attempting another 24 hr marathon show.


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