Barry levine’s How To Make a Blockbuster Comic Book Film

On this edition of Word Balloon Host John Siuntres tackles the question, “How do comic books get sold as film properties?”

For the answer, we turn to Film producer and Radical Comics Publisher Barry Levine.Levine has had an interesting path to comic books that started when he was a successful rock album photographer, to years as a music supervisor of films like Driving Miss Daisy, Die Hard With A Vengeance, Judge Dredd and Street Fighter.

Levine eventually became a film producer on Detroit Rock City and has
shepherded comic book properties to production deals on books like Rex Mundi, and Damn Nation. Barry explains the process, and tells us why you can’t \just walk into a studio meeting with a comic book, and get a film commitment.

Radical Comics new line of titles debut this month, starting with an art book preview being given away as part of Saturday’s free comic book day.

We’ll talk about the two radical comics debuting this month for only 1 dollar,Caliber the King Arthur in the old west saga, and Hercules
featuring a very different take on the mythological hero.
Plus Barry gives us his 2008 game plan for Radical Comics.


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