Live From The Floor At Wiz Chgo part 2

The 2nd half of my floor interviews from last weekend Wizard Chgo show. Informative chats with folks like…

Marvel Editor Bill Roseman and artist Mike Perkins, who give the lowdown on the next Stephen King Marvel adaptation starting in September, The Stand.

Geof Darrow is back to tell us about his contributions to the Wachowski’s take on Speed Racer and his directorial debut on the animated version of his own creation for Burlyman comics, Shaolin Cowboy.

Ande Parks talks about his recent Daredevil Annual for Marvel and his upcoming writing projects for both Image and Oni Press

Ryan Bodenheim, Jonathan Hickman’s artistic collaborator on their new Image series Red Mass From Mars checks in with a look at that project.

Artist Andy Owens talks about his work on the Buffy Season 8 project, and Trinity from DC

Writer Jai Nitz discusses his new take on The DC Comics western hero El Diablo.

Don Kramer updates us on Nightwing, including the long awaited showdown between Dick Grayson and Two-Face.

And Phil Hester talks about writing for Top Cow on The Darkness and the Daredevil/Magdalena crossover.

Plus two extra Con-versations from this spring…

Artist Rags Morales talks about his work on Nightwing, and writer Larry Hama talks GI JOE, and his new Devil’s Due spy series, Spooks.


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