The bendis tapes fall 2008 edition pt 3

Word Balloon rolls on this week, with part 3 of the back to school edition of The Bendis Tapes. John Siuntres and Brian Bendis field questions form the writer’s Jinxworld message board.

Some highlights from the conversation …

Ultimate Jessica Jones returns in the Ultimate Spider-Man Annual.

As for 616 Jessica, New Avengers #47 is about Luke Cage, Jessica, and their relationship.

The status of Daredevil: End of Days (The “last” DD story): Brian says he and David Mack are putting the final touches on the story.

What are the chances that the Bendis and Maleev one shots books would be collected in a trade? (including the Hawkeye-Wanda interlude in New Avengers #26, and Civil War-The Confession)

“It is a possibility.”

The status of Maleev and Bendis’s Icon project?

“It’s way too early to talk about it we’ve both had big summers …but pages have been written.”

The Spider-Woman book will be according to Bendis, “Absolutely set in the Marvel U,” but you will only have to buy Spider-Woman to get the whole story, “if that’s your choice.”

On the Powers TV Pilot-

Bendis had the first network story meeting, and surprisingly “Everyone in the meeting did read the comic. I gotta tell you I can count on my hands the times that (hasn’t happened)…so when I laid out the story we had a very educated discussion about the characters and I was given the go ahead to write (the script).”

More on the Avengers line-up changes coming post-Secret Invasion:

“They will be dramatically different, the November Previews will have a couple of covers that will have people going “WHAT!!”…and “Who’s in THAT Costume?” I will tell you, a major marvel character will have had it, with all this BS.”


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