Who’s Watching Dave Gibbons ?

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast , we talk about all things
Watchmen, with the legendary co-creator, artist Dave Gibbons.
We discuss the Watchmen Motion Comic, which has released its 2nd issue at Itunes and Amazon Video On Demand. Gibbons has another motion comic in the works, an adaptation of his Batman: Black and White story, The Black And White Bandit.

Dave also tells us about his upcoming book, Watching The Watchmen
to be released Oct 21st, and his take on the 2009 Zach Snyder film.

We also ask Dave about his recent conversations with his friend and collaborator writer Alan Moore, who has been very public concerning his negative feelings about the Watchmen film.

Plus we discuss behind the scenes details about his 2006 Vertigo graphic novel, The Originals, the 1985 Superman Annual (#11) he and Moore created, For The Man Who Has Everything, and his upcoming John Constantine story in Hellblazer #250.


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