Atomika Soviet Supermen & Sal Abbinanti

Download the MP3 here

On this edition of Word Balloon, Sal Abbinanti creator of Atomika
the alternate history of Russian superheroes and villains.

Sal explores the iconic images of the former USSR, combined with
Russian mythology, but is the first to say this isn’t a pro-soviet
polemic. “At least once a con a guy wants to argue with me
about Communism…or say how are things in Russia and I say ‘Guys,
come on, Gene Simmons really wasn’t a serpent. It’s just an act.’ ”

He gives tips to aspiring creators about marketing an independent
comic in the current market. “You gotta hustle…I tried going to
cons, all over the country like Loretta Lynn with the records
and my husband (working) out of the car…doesn’t work…I tell
new creators, don’t release the book until you have 5 issues in the
can, you never realize how much time it takes to promote the thing…
plus dealing by yourself with colorists,inkers and printers…you
never realize how much time it will take.”

Sal also discusses future projects like The Hostage based on
true crime Brazilian kidnappings and the sci-fi comedy Dagos On The Moon.


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