A Timeless Talk With Matt Wagner

On this edition of the Word Balloon Podcast, writer/artist Matt Wagner joins us for an interesting discussion that begins with a question. Will the 20th century superheroes be as easy to retcon and update in the decades to come? How well do modern versions of heroes like The Lone Ranger or Zorro work, without their 19th century settings and tools? Don’t they need the horses and pistols? What about the Heroes created in the 20th century?

Matt asks this question not only about heroes he’s currently working on like Zorro & his upcoming 2010 take on the Golden Age Green Hornet for Dynamite, But Matt asks rthis about Superman and Batman who Matt thinks both still work best in their original 1930’s era .

Also Good stuff about Madame Xanadu, Zorro, And The Green Hornet !

Download The MP3 here

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4 responses to “A Timeless Talk With Matt Wagner

  1. I like the new site!

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  3. Great interview!

    But as for Batman and Superman not being able to survive in the 21st century, I will disagree slightly, because they have survived 70 years.

    These characters have survived because they have evolved. As long as there is that “next generation” of creators that wants to create stories for Supes and Bats, then they will evolve in whatever the modern world will be.

    I offer no solutions to how they will look in the 21st century, but I am hopeful that someone will take the there.

    Great podcast (as always)

  4. Hi Matt, remember me ? I”m Curt Barlow uncle. I meet you when you were a little guy. You and Curt were friends when He and I guess You lived in Delaware, in Log Run …..I”M so glad to see how great things are going for you. I still do art work myself, and bought four air brushes.. I”m gonna give that a try and see how things go. I”m 60 now, and retired, so I want to do the art stuff again, stay in touch with me ,,,Will

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