RE:The Matt Singer-Comics Films Chat- Fan Films?

Hey John, just finished hearing this interview with Matt Singer and it was good, I have been listening to your podcast for at least 3months now and although I have enjoyed many of your interviews, I had to comment on a movie.

As you guys were talking about Batman, there was a Batman movie that was great and that was Batman: Dead End. This is the way batman should be. It was directed and produced by a fan (fan movie) and I belive that he works in the industry (it’s been awhile since I saw it andI have the dvd) but this has Batman, Joker aliens and Predators in a 15 minute movie.

It was great. If you’ve seen it, what is your opinion and if not, check it out and see for yourself. Great show you have, keep it up and I will tune in.

Thanks, Charlie

P.S. Toxic Avenger a classic hero and I do believe that Frank Miller co wrote the 3rd Rodocop, so was given another chance, lol.And i will be checking out IFC podcast.

I’m a big fan of the Batman: Dead End film, and the film maker Sandy Collera. I also loved The World’s Finest trailer he made.

I also love the Grayson fan film. Any Other Fan Film Favorites?


2 responses to “RE:The Matt Singer-Comics Films Chat- Fan Films?

  1. I listened in on the chat with Matt Singer and really enjoyed it. In my mind, Blade does mark the beginning of credible comic book movies, too. That was the jump off, so to speak.

    I had fun with Art School Confidential, but was also put off by the stupid murder mystery stuff. Malkevich was good as always.

    Hero at Large. Wow. I remember that one. Ritter got shot early on and had to rethink his heroics. Nice film though.

    How to Murder My Wife I haven’t seen since I was maybe 10. I remember liking it. Was Lemon ogling some sexy neighbor at some point? Who knew Toth did the drawings for it?! Damn, that was a real revelation to me, being a huge fan. I understand Toth had a run-in with Jack Lemon at some point and didn’t think much of him. Oh well.

    Take care,


  2. It has to be “GreenLantern” fan trailer!

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