New WB Episode Kevin Murphy Of

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On this special edition of The Word Balloon podcast, we speak with
Writer/performer Kevin Murphy, best known to fans as the voice of Tom Servo,the Gumball machine shaped robot sidekick to humans Joel Hodgeson and Mike Nelson (and follow robot Crow) on the 90’s cable comedy show Mystery Science Theater 3000.

“I started playing Tom Servo in the 2ND season, the first year on the Comedy Central, but I was involved with every episode of MST3k from the pilot of the local TV show, to the last episode aired on the Sci-Fi Channel.”

Murphy is still cracking wise, firing one-liners at the screen, while fans view films from the cheesiest black and white b-movies to today’s box office hits as a member of with former MST3K co-hosts and writers Mike Nelson and Tom Corbett (The 2ND actor who played Crow)

Just like their cable shows, rifftrax sells .mp3 performances of the trio  lampooning sci-fi staples like Plan 9 From Outer Space and newer films like The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, The Harry Potter films,and even The Dark Knight.

“We’re the commentary that isn’t available on your DVD, but should be.”

Kevin also talks about the upcoming nationwide live Christmas Rifftrax show December 16Th, and an encore presentation the 17Th beaming to nearly 500 theaters in the country.

Click here for details


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