Alan Moore Was Right : Ray Liotta

It occured to me while talking to Tim Seeley for an upcoming WB episode. I made the point that his new Image/Online Comic Colt Nobel And The Megalords would make a great Uwe Boll film.

It wasn’t an insult, honest. Boll’s 2008 star studded In The Name Of The King is kitcherific to me. Jason Statham is the farmhand/ would be hero, Ray Liotta is the evil Wizard villian and Burt freakin Reynolds is THE KING it’s all in the name of. Add John Ryhs-Davies , Mathew Lilly,  Leelee Sobieski , Ron Pearlman , and 2 dozen guys in rubber Ork suits, and you got an inadvertent costumed farce that for me played like Richard Lester’s Musketeer films of the 70’s.

Anyway,Alan Moore & Ray Liotta… In Moore’s short story Light of Thy Countenance he makes the point that Fred Gwyne , though dead is immortal on TV, due to the never ending re-runs of his TV and film career, from car 54 Where are you?, to “My Cousin Vinnie”.

Then there’s Ray Liotta While he’s not dead, I couldn’t help but think of where that evil magician is at the end of 2009. Compared to 1999. He’s working all the time, in b and a-grade films, but after Field Of Dreams, Goodfellas, even the HBO Rat Pack film, I really thought he was on the DeNiro/Paccino path.

Maybe he still is, because then I realize DeNiro just made “Everybody’s Fine”, and did that “Righteous Kill” crap with Al last year. Yeesh.


One response to “Alan Moore Was Right : Ray Liotta

  1. In the Name of the King is the only Boll flick I’ve seen I would ever bother to see again. Liotta’s made some good B Movies. Check out Phoenix and Pilgrim (aka Inferno)

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