Top TV Shows Of The Decade Cancelled Too Soon

Someone reminded me that Ray Liotta did a fine TV series that was cancelled after 3 epsiodes in 2006, and that prompted this end of decade list of weekly dramas that ended too soon. Had many of these started on FX TNT USA or ther networks, we’d likely still be watching them…

Smith (CBS) This Liotta led drama followed the professional and personal lives of a crew of master thieves wil an FBI squad hot on the trail of their first telveised heist. It also starred Virgina Madsen Amy Smart, and Simon “The Mentalist” Baker.

Kings (NBC) 2008 13 episodes

Last years failed King David update had a political snap that felt genuine and fantastically surreal simeltaneously , just like eps of Battlestar Galactica .
Just too deep for today’s short attention span audience, plus I bet the whole “biblical” inspiration turned away as many fans as it intrigued.

The Invisibles 2008 (BBC1) 6 episodes.

Anthony Stewart Head and Warren Clark are two robin-hood like safe crackers who’s criminal heyday was the 1970’s. Stealing only from the squares who deserved it they retired uncaught in 1980 losing their 3rd crew member. Bored with 25 plus years of early retirement they miss the rush of the caper, and start back in the business. Tounge in cheek action and fun.

Andy Barker PI (NBC) 2007 6 episodes.
Hilarious Private Eye parody. The DVD set just came out from Shout Factory, get it.

Charlie Jade 2006 21 episodes (Space)
This Canadian-South African Sci-Fi series shot in Capetown was an ambitous paralell world conspiracy story that was weirder than Fringe, and had the kind of mysteries any LOST fan would apreciate. Seek this out.

Feel free to add to the list….


5 responses to “Top TV Shows Of The Decade Cancelled Too Soon

  1. Firefly has to be up there. Fox aired on a Friday, with episodes out of order, sometimes it was on, sometimes it wasn’t and then Fox couldn’t believe that it got low ratings

  2. Life. ( yes they wrapped it up, but damn it, I didn’t want it to end )

    Sean !

  3. Pushing Daisies and The Middleman should be added to the list.

    I agree, Life was cancelled far too soon.

  4. I think all of mine were FOX programs. Wonderfalls, Action, Harsh Realm, American High, Undeclared…Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot (Geof Darrow’s account of it on this very podcast was very intriguing, and saddening, to me).

  5. I’ll second Kings for sure. And Life is a great call too. I was hoping it would be moved to USA. Seemed like it would have been a great fit there. They left a lot of plot threads dangling. Even worse, they cheaped out on the DVD and removed all the original music from season 1, which was used expertly when the eps first aired. The show didn’t get many breaks. I also thought Jericho, which was admittedly a bit old fashioned, was moving in an interesting direction when it finally went off.

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