The Rucka Debrief 1209 Finally De-Classified

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In this episode of the Word Balloon podcast It’s time for another 2 part edition  of The Rucka Debrief,as writer Greg Rucka

Strong Women have always been a key part of Rucka’s stories, and in part 1 we discuss 2 of the stronger willed heroes in the DCU . Greg’s back writing a brief stint on Blackest Night Wonder Woman,  and we look further into the origins of Kate Kane, the new Batwoman in Detective Comics.

Yesterday, Word Balloon helped break the details behind Greg & JH leaving Detective with today’s issue #860, to start work on a  new Batwoman monthly for DC, in this interview Greg gives more information on their plans for Kate and the new comic.


7 responses to “The Rucka Debrief 1209 Finally De-Classified

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  2. It seems to me there’s a clear solution to “how do you find a way to tell the story Rucka wants to tell about Wonder Woman.” It’s called “Relaunch Sensation Comics and give it to Rucka.”

  3. Rucka is wonderfully eloquent regarding his work in the comic industry. There’s no malice toward anybody because he couldn’t complete his Wonder Woman story, no spite directed at Gail Simone’s run. His body of work is evidence enough that he’s a brilliant writer, but it’s great that these podcasts allow Rucka’s personality to come through; evidence that he’s apparently a really nice guy, too.

  4. Love the interview (with one complaint). It’s great that Rucka didn’t want to interrupt Gail’s run and she’s obviously doing a great job but hearing Greg say that his run was incomplete and reading his Blackest Night makes me want him back on the title more and more. Although, with his stellar work on Detective & the Question back-up the man is knocking it out of the park month to month. One complaint that I’ve been meaning to ask for quite some time now. When did “you know” become something that has to be said in the Word Balloon episodes over and over!? I think there may be a new unofficial/unprofessional drinking game on the horizon. This is a game that dare not be played when John & Brubaker get together and it just may also be the origin of the “you know.” ;D

  5. uh …”you know” you can blow me, right? ; )

  6. I apologize John. I didn’t mean for it to come off as an insult. It was a social commentary joke. I didn’t know you would take offense to it. It was all meant in humor, that’s all. Anyways…once again, great interview as always & happy New Year.

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