A Boxing Documentary -Primo & Max The Reel Story

download the mp3 here

A special for Boxing Day (though I’m a day late) Here’s another example of my radio work. From 2002, I made this 3 part audio documentary about the Heavyweight title fight between Max Baer (left) and Primo Carnera.

The details behind their 1934  fight inspired a novel and film about the mob’s influence over boxing called THE HARDER THEY FALL. The film is doubly noteworthy, as it was Humphrey Bogart’s last film

Hear the story from sports historian Bert Sugar,

Harder They Fall author/screenwriter Budd Schulberg,

and the son of the former Heavyweight Champion Max Baer Jr, aka Jethro Bodine of The Beverly Hillbillies


3 responses to “A Boxing Documentary -Primo & Max The Reel Story

  1. I’m a comic fan who is also a huge boxing fan. This was a great piece that taught me something I didn’t know. I’m a big fan of your podcasts. Keep up the good work.

  2. Fjompenissen Pys

    The boxer next to Max Baer is not Primo Carnera, it is Jess Willard.

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