The New Sherlock Holmes?

Saw it Saturday. I liked it. I can see Holmes enthuisists not liking it, and it did flirt with being another WILD WILD WEST fiasco, but I liked the action. I’m a sucker for Guy Richie action films, so I go in hoping for the best.

I’m also a longtime Holmes fan from the Conan-Doyle stories, Basil Rathbone’s  30’s and 40’s films, numerous radio/audio adaptations, and Jeremy Brett’s BBC series. I’d give it an optimistic 3 stars out of 4 .

All that said, I haven’t read Wildstorm’s Victorian Undead, who’s 2nd issue hit stands last Wed. Anyone reading it?


One response to “The New Sherlock Holmes?

  1. FunkhornLeghorn

    I’m reading Victorian Undead, and so far I’m really enjoying it. At times the Holmes dialogue feels a little forced, but that aside, it’s been really entertaining. And I’m always glad to see Mycroft show up in a story. Anyway, love your podcast.

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