A Lesson In Humility

I’m doing this to help me break a bad habit I do when refering to a very  cool person on my podcasts…

This is of course Blair Butler, the woman behind G4’s FRESH INK , and a funny, smart comic critic/reporter, for whom I have tremendous respect . Unlike other media folk who profess a love of comics, Blair is no poser.

For some sort of mental touretts on my part, I keep calling her Brett Butler…

Brett was the star of the ABC 90’s sitcom Grace Under Fire .I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but I’ve never found her funny or intersting.

She did give Dave Thomas a lucrative job for years as her ABC co-star, and she’s in one of my favorite Larry Sanders episodes (the one where Paula thinks she has a breast tumor, and Artie consoles her by talking about the time he found a lump on his testicle, ruining a Jackie Gleason special) , but she my friends,  is no Blair Butler.

I guess it could be worse… I could’ve called her Rhett Butler


5 responses to “A Lesson In Humility

  1. Well I’ll be. I thought I recognized her from somewhere when I bought that issue of Booster Gold!

  2. When I started watching the podcast she does I was actually a bit shocked at how much Blair knew her shit. She’s awesome.

  3. Kind of an unnecessary slam against ‘Brett’ Butler, who’s had a rough enough life. She was plenty funny, imho. Certainly no Seinfeld, but at least as good or better than most sitcom fare of the time.

    Your critique of her could just as easily sum up my own opinion of ‘Blair.’ (But I’m too much of a gentleman to repeat it).

  4. p.s. — But I still think You & Chris Neesman are the best interviewers in PodCasting.
    (Looking forward to the Hickman interview)

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