Presenting The WB No Motion Comic

New WB Vid No Motion Comic Ult Spider-Man “After School Special”

It’s My pitch for the movie role. There will be future WB No Motion Comics with original material, but I figure Bendis and LaFuente gave me a good place to start.


7 responses to “Presenting The WB No Motion Comic

  1. Fantasic! I especially loved your correction of “Siuntress.” How in the word did that get past Marvel?

  2. Outstanding. If they ever adapt USM in a medium that requires voice-work, Marvel should know they have one actor in the bag!


    We want more
    We want more
    We want more

  4. Nice goin, John. If you get the part, it will be like some sort of fractal loop closing upon itself. Which came first, the Siuntres or the Principle? Fingers crossed for ya, man, its the part you were literally born to play.

    Break a leg, dude…..

  5. That is awesome!!! where is my Ult Principal Siuntres action figure playset??

  6. i like the “Principal Suintres created by…” credit at the end

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