Batman: The Brave & Bold Producers Go Forth

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On this episode of the word balloon podcast,a conversation with the two producers of the Cartoon Network animated series Batman: The Brave And Bold, James Tucker and Michael Jellenic. We get previews of plots and characters that are coming up in this new second season. The series airs new epsiodes Friday Nights at 7:30 e/p

Through the conversation the guys get into many details about the previous DC animated series, and answer the questions of why shows Justice League and Teen Titans ended, despite their high levels of popularity with geek fandom.

3 responses to “Batman: The Brave & Bold Producers Go Forth

  1. The Brave and Bold guys did a brilliant take on Plastic Man and associates. . . great show, John !

  2. Hhaha nice Black Adder reference you always have jolly good taste John!

  3. What a great and in-depth interview. You covered so many bases and touched upon lots of things dating back to Superman, Batman and the general love of comics and approach to the crafting of the cartoons.

    And what a lot of nice things to look forward to!

    Referencing the Untold Legend of the Batman in cartoon form?? WOW.

    Thanks for sharing this fantastic piece!

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