Meanwhile… In The Man-Cave

People have asked about what I currently do in radio. After 14 years in sports talk, I am currently making commercials and promos for Chicago’s 100.3 FM. It’s an oldies station that plays hits from the 60’s-2000’s. It caters to a female audience, but really we’re an adult contempoaray hit box. I call it mall music , but that’s meant as a compliments, because we actually do quite well with our target audience of women aged 25-49.

This is a video tour of my recording studio at work.

and here’s a couple recent commercials I made.

A Haiti Relief Benefit Concert, Starring 60’s Icon, and the spokesperson for the Psychic Friends Network,  Dionne Warwick

The radio station is giving away a spring training trip to Arizona to watch Cubs Vs White Sox games


One response to “Meanwhile… In The Man-Cave

  1. Very cool. What kind of microphones are you using at the station?


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