Neal Holman Talks ARCHER, The new FX Animated series

Download the MP3 from here

On this episode of the word balloon podcast,a conversation with Neal Holman, the Art Director of the FX Network animated series Archer, which airs Thursday nights at 10 E/P . Archer follows the misadventures of a slick secret agent played by H Jon Benjamin (“Yoda” & the video store manager on Family Guy)  , his domineering spymaster mother Jessica Walters ( Play Misty For Me,  Arrested Development) , and fellow co-workers including Aisha Tyler (Friends, Balls Of Fury) Judy Greer (Arrested Development, 13 Going On 30) and Chris Parnell ( SNL, Anchorman, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story) .

The show was conceived by Adam Reed, who also co-created Sealab 2021 & Frisky Dingo. Holman, has worked on all three shows, starting as an intern on Sealab 2021, and working his way up the ranks on those projects and more for Reed & Matt Thompson’s production company Floyd County.


2 responses to “Neal Holman Talks ARCHER, The new FX Animated series

  1. I loved Frisky Dingo & The Xtacles… Nice to hear some behind the scenes on this new show. Thanks for bringing us a great interview, John

  2. Awesome one John. Love Frisky Dingo, looking forward to Archer and all the awesome voice talent there. Props for getting theses kinds of interviews.

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