Jonathon Hickman’s Fantastic Plans For Marvel

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Marvel writer Jonathon Hickman discusses his current and future plans for books like The Fantastic Four, Secret Warriors, and the upcoming debut of his April SHIELD origin series


4 responses to “Jonathon Hickman’s Fantastic Plans For Marvel

  1. Always appreciated John S.

    I like that you took a bit of a stance on some issues (trade writing, Diamond’s lost week) in this episode.

    And thanks to John Hickman for being candid about the business and honest about your experience as a writer.

    I really appreciate the voice you’ve brought to Marvel and I always keep an ear open when you talk as a professional.

    SHIELD looks to be a must-own in any and every format it’s released in and I’m glad to see Marvel getting behind it.

  2. You’ve also taken on the role of reporter/ interviewer and I personally appreciate it when you can hit a little harder and a guy like Jonathan can respond in kind with personal insight.

    In no way do I want a comic bitchfest but, as a novice creator, it certainly helps to get a more realistic picture of the comic factory through your podcasts.


  3. How’d you not know that was Franklin? Speed readin’?

    Just pokin’ fun though. Thanks for another great installment of the best comic book podcast.

    Can’t wait for Shield!

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