Random reactions to recent news & views

The I-Pad?

The things it doesn’t have, like FLASH, a camera, etc…makes we wonder why I would want one over buying a netbook? I’m sure future generations will have more bells and whistles, but for now, I’m glad I’m a late adapter. I think digital comics will read equally fine on netbooks, so I’m in no hurry.

A Watchmen prequel?

That’s what Rich Johnson is reporting at bleeding cool

Probably blasphemous for me to say it, but I’d be interested in it, if the right creative team were doing it. I respect the hell out of Moore & Gibbons, but the Watchmen series was done as a work for hire project, so it’s fair for DC to explore such a possibility.

Planet Hulk DVD ROCKS!

Way to go Marvel. Each animated DVD has gotten better since the misfires of the Ultimate Avengers ones. Another fantastic animated Hulk story that is totally accessable .

Friday’s Ultimate Justice 2 Hour Smallville Ep?

I can’t wait. The Batman Brave & Bold JSA made me giddy, so seeing the JSA in live action, and written by the sure hand of Geoff Johns makes this the most anticipated tv show for me this season. Even more so than Lost’s return (which was great) .

Ultimate X made a great debut.

and that’s coming from a guy who is not an x-men fan, let alone an Ultimate x-men fan. Loeb & Adams have started a great story.

Has The pendulum swung to far to favor writers over artists, in terms of creative control?

I’ve read and heard a few artists make such a complaint. You’ll hear one in the days ahead on the next WB podcast. Certainly the 90’s had the opposite momentum, which made me drop the hobby for several years. But now that were into the 2nd decade of writers being the controlling voice behind comic book stories, has the artist become a 2nd class citizen?

Despite my access to writers and artists, I can’t say for sure. I can only judge the finished products and it seems that the quality jolt I saw that brought me back to reading comics over 10 years ago is still here.

Listen to the next Word Balloon ep, and see what your POV is.


One response to “Random reactions to recent news & views

  1. I think the iPad is the step in the right direction for digital comics. Tablets in general will be pretty rad to read on, especially if one comes out closer to the 12′ mark.

    Unfortunately my shop didn’t get it’s book this week due to a shipping snafu, so I didn’t get to read Ultimate X. It’s been a while since I’ve been excited for a Jeph Loeb book.

    Lastly I do think Artists are starting to become less important to some people. I know I’ll read almost anything with Geoff John’s name attached to it and of course some people do the same with Bendis. At the same time I think it depends on the artist. I used to follow Jim Lee’s stuff all the time without care of who was writing. And recently the announcement of JRJR on Avengers got me as excited as seeing Bendis writing.

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