What’s With The JSA?


How is it, that the last best JSA stories have happened on TV within the last month?  The Brave & Bold episode with Batman, and the Smallville 2 hour Absolute Justice were much more in line with what the JSA are about.

How did DC’s best team book, become so bad so fast, and with really good writers and artists giving their best efforts?

No kidding, I LOVE FABELS & JACK OF FABLES! Bill Willingham has entertained me with his stuff since the Elementals in the 1980’s. Matt Sturges too. His Blue Beetle work with Norton was fun, and I even liked Salvation Run! Freddie Williams is drawing the hell out of jsa all stars, after the great work on Final Crisis RUN , which to me was leaps and bounds better than his excellent Robin work.

I’m just not buying this whole JSA team split-up.

It’s frankly the antithesis of what Bendis & Milar did with the Avengers and Civil War. We saw Iron Man & Spider-Man disagree with Captain America , but you understood their motivations. Even JMS had that great moment in Amazing Spider-Man  when Peter tells Tony Stark, “Hey I’m going with you on this, but if I decide later you’re wrong I’m going to bitch slap your shinny metal ass, for making me doubt this great man.”

This JSA split seemed pissy and inconsistent from a character standpoint. I know the good stories come from conflict, and when it’s right, it’s the “left turns ” a character makes that create provocative moments. The dialogue and actions seem to be done by strangers.

I said this on twitter earlier. I really hope that a major story shift happens and months from now a friend, or a listener will tell me “Oh man, you fucked up! The JSA has been brilliant since you dropped it in February.” But today I say so long, to the JSA books. I’m just not feeling it.

It’s Ok. I’m sure at some point there  will again be a great new JSA book to enjoy, and there are TONS of excellent trades of past JSA stories. Not just the Goyer robinson Johns runs, but the 1970’s all Star stuff, plus the countless JLA/JSA team ups .

And I’ll save 6-8 bucks a month.


7 responses to “What’s With The JSA?

  1. The Brave and the Bold and Smallville appearances played up to the strength of the JSA–the legacy and inspiration the Golden Age characters provide to the younger heroes.

    Other than that, what else does the team provide to the greater DCU? They aren’t the best-of-the-best like the JLA is supposed to be. They aren’t the Teen Titans.

    I haven’t read much of the JSA since the end of the Johns run, so I can’t say much about the Willingham/Sturges run.

    Are they attempting to tell a different type of JSA story?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the JSA perhaps even more than the JLA; however, once you step away from the JSA Legacy,the team is yet another non-JLA team in the DCU.

  2. The Blackest Night tie-in mini-series has been good so far.

  3. I’ve always had a nostalgic fondness for the JSA which is weird since I wasn’t alive during their original run. Maybe I’m just nostalgic for the era they represent. I remember how excited I was to purchase All Star Comics #58 off the newstand back in 76. I was 11 and I knew that these were the characters my Dad read when he was a kid. This began a lifelong love for the JSA. I’ve been there through the good and bad. Unfortunately we are in a bad period again. Halfway through the recent Justice Society Annual #2 I realized that I just don’t enjoy the book any longer. I don’t feel anything for the characters the way they are currently being written. This is doubly disappointing since I normally enjoy the work of both Willingham and Sturges. The JSA from the Brave & The Bold episode is the JSA I remember and want to see again.

  4. Gotta agree here. JSA has taken a nose-drive since Willingham & Co. took over.

  5. To me the JSA has always been about the positive and the good that comes from the literal archetypes of the DCU. They are the examples. They can be flawed-but its always been a hopeful book.
    I’ve read Willingham since he wrote modules for Villains & Vigilantes-and I think he’s always had this jaded, cyncial sensibility that works in certain places. But I don’t think it works for JSA at all…certainly not where Geoff Johns left it. I hope they give the book to someone who knows more what to do with it like Waid, Tomasi, or Robinson.

    heh…someday, it might be cool to let Bendis write the JSA. That might be kinda fun. 🙂

  6. Quite frequently in comics we either see a writer taking on extra work to keep the income flowing or an inappropriate selection of an editor in assigning books. What’s truly amazing is that DC has taken two of what I consider their flagship titles in JSA and JLA and letting them flounder at a time when DC really can’t keep making wrong moves if they want to catch up to Marvel’s sales.

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