Listener Feedback Plus Flashback Geoff Johns

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The last 2 epsiosdes have generated a lot of conversation, so the show starts with some listeners chiming in on the conversations with Jonathon hickman & Ethan Van Sciver.

Then we go back to January 2006, for a WB episode that hasn’t been available for 4 years. Our first conversation with Geoff Johns. This talk gives an interesting perspective on the characters he’s writing today, from barry allen to Hal Jordan.

We also get Geoff’s thouights on writing and collaborating on event comics. At the time Geoff was in the middle of Infinite Crisis, and prepping the weekly event 52 with his fellow writers and artists.


4 responses to “Listener Feedback Plus Flashback Geoff Johns

  1. Hey John – very interesting “Back to the Future” episode of the show.

    I’m generally not a DC reader but I did enjoy much of 52. It seems that so few of those concepts or characters seem to have stuck around or had great success given the high speed superhero hamster wheel and subsequent events.

    But, the interview really captured that moment in time in which the writer became king and the TV-styled writing-room pow wows were normalized in the Big 2. The architecture of entire universes resided in the hands of a chosen few.

    From the outside it certainly seems like a creative and creatively competitive atmosphere that’s produced some great work and more cohesive lines of books.

    One drawback I can see is that since then they also have become increasingly insular stories and distancing if the particular writer’s overarching narrative (Dark Reign, Blackest Night) isn’t to one’s taste.

    The pendulum swings and I can see how interviews like those with Ethan and Hickman may become the forecast of the next era.

  2. PS – Re: 52, Hooray for Batwoman!

  3. Hey John,

    Is there any chance we could get those Joe Casey interviews you did on the new RSS feed? I’ve been dying to heard them man! DYING!

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