A Space Angel Oddity

Anyone else remember Space Angel? Created by Dik Darley for Cambria Productions in 1962. Done in the same pace and style of Clutch Cargo, Space Angel was a little more straight up sci-fi adventure. It was Alex Toth’s first animation work, and you can see the design influences of EC’s sci-fi masters like Wally Wood and Al Williamson.

Between this, the apollo moon missions and Major Matt Mason, I was hooked on space toys and toons!


One response to “A Space Angel Oddity

  1. Charles H. Bryan

    Major Matt Mason! I was an absolute nut for those toys when I was a kid. I’ve still got some tucked away in a box, although all of the dol–I mean, action figures have broken wires in the joints.

    And the jet pack cords always got tangled. But what fun. Space crawlers, uni-tracs, space stations, rocket launchers that could put someone’s eye out — great great stuff.

    Thanks for the blast from the past — and thanks for all of the great interviews that you do with creators.

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