Ben Templesmith Talks Choker & More!

Download the mp3 here

Insightful conversation with the artist about his new book from Image, Choker, written by Ben McCool. Templesmith feels fans of FELL, his series with Warren Ellis will enjoy some of the similarities of this series, but also talks about the differences.

We also talk about the prrsent and future of digital comics, and some of the things that Ben has done, and the adaptations of previous works, like Wormwood, and Groom Lake .


One response to “Ben Templesmith Talks Choker & More!

  1. Thanks John – Ben is someone whose process has always interested me and I wanted to learn more about.

    His impressionistic work is refreshing in a medium that often elevates incredible detailing as the gold standard.

    Seeing every window Spidey swings by can be sublime but give it up to Ben for infusing his art and artistic choices with narrative impact. He doesn’t illustrate a world for his reader so much as evoke one for the reader to inhabit.

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