SHAZAM! Art, Franco, and Norton Shake It Up, With One Magic Word

Download The MP3 here

The creative team behind Billy Batson & the Magic Of Shazam joins in for a great conversation about Captain Marvel, and what makes him and his family great. This week in issue #13, writers Art Baltazar & Franco Aureliani are joined by new ongoing artist Mike Norton , and promise to shake up the status quo of the book. In fact DC has already released this upcoming cover to issue #15

Looks like everyone’s favorite Jr, might be switiching sides? You’ll hear about that coming issue, and more!

Plus we talk about the great work Art & Franco do each month on Tiny Titans , with a look at last week’s issue #25 featuring Superboy, co-written by Geoff Johns, and more stories to come.

4 responses to “SHAZAM! Art, Franco, and Norton Shake It Up, With One Magic Word

  1. The Power of SHAZAM has always been a great concept šŸ™‚

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  3. Garrett Craig played Capt. Marvel on the Challenge of the Superheroes and Superheroes Roast.

  4. It was JACKSON Bostwick, not BARRY. As Richard pointed out, Garrett Craig played CM on Challenge & Roast. The first writers when CM was revived in 1972 were Denny O’Neil, Elliott Maggin, & with some scripts by Bridwell — but never Len Wein. * Anyway, interesting ideas. I really like the way this creative team is handling the title.

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