Special Report With Vaneta Rogers

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On this episode of the word balloon podcast, Vaneta Rogers of Newsarama joins me to discuss the current big picture subjects that are part of the current comics news cycle.

The conversation centers around the management announcements by DC Entertainment , but expands to include all of the comic publishers and how they are reacting to the burgeoning digital comics market, on I-pads smart phones and PSPs. Plus we talk about the slate of comic based films to be released later this year., and re-address the first full decade of the comic film genre


4 responses to “Special Report With Vaneta Rogers

  1. Brilliant show!

  2. thanks jason, more feedback on the show is welcomed , including fan thoughts on the dc changes

  3. You are more than welcome John! Thanks for the great content and thanks to the eloquent Vaneta as well.

    As a fan, I don’t particularly understand what this all means. Other than it seems that DCE is sending a message that they want to still be about comics.

    To see Johns in a position that confers him creative clout across multiple media is exciting. I just want my non-nerd friends to enjoy these amazing characters, this fascinating mythos!

    As vaneta pointed out, it’s great to see comci guys with decision making power. It gives me a feeling of vindication.

    We won. We really finally won.

  4. John,

    I’m a big fan of Word Balloon and I wanted to put my two cents in that I particularly enjoy the episodes, like this one with Vaneta that deal with more recent newsmaking events. Of course, I prefer the roundtables on the sunday news programs than the actual newsamaker interviews too, so take this for what it’s worth. Hope you can keep doing these types of timely examinations of the industry as they happen. Just throwing some positive feedback, and keep up the good work.

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