Coming in April Matt Fraction Q&A

Matt is coming back for an april episode of Word Balloon and will be answering fan questions about X-men, Iron Man, Thor and More.

The Q&A is now closed. thanks for participating.


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  1. jurassicalien

    I’m guessing I leave them in the comment section.

    1) What’s it like to be apart of the movie meetings? I’m not looking for spoilers or insider knowledge, just what is that experience like? Did you get to meet Branagh?

    2) Do you know if there will be an X-men Omnibus of your work? I know that’s not your department, but if Marvel has told you anything.

    Keep up the great work, can’t wait for your “Thor” run.

  2. Love these podcasts, John, and especially the ones you do with Matt & Ed Brubaker.

    Matt & David Aja confirmed that they’re doing a Iron Man issue together over at Whitechapel. What is it about, when is it coming out, and does Matt have any other projects in the pipeline with David?



  3. When Casanova comes back, will it have a home at the Marvel Icon line, or will you still house it at Image? Or is it too early to speak of such things…

    What is your favourite kind of sandwich?

    Thanks for doing this, fellows! The Fraction Word Balloons are always some of my favourites.

  4. Thanks for putting this up on the website. The Bendis Boards are blocked at my work place. On to the questions.

    1. Matt after Siege, what kind of villains can we expect to see in upcoming Thor issues? Will they be classic Thor foes, Avenger enemies, or brand new bad guys?

    2. Do you have any plans for Ezekiel Stane in Invincible Iron Man or Korg in Thor?

    Again thanks for the podcast and keep up the awesome work you do John.

  5. I do not have access to jinxworld because they do not accept gmail or hotmail accounts for registering but I love, love, love what Matt is doing with Iron Man. It’s my favorite book right now! Just want him to know that. I do have som thoughts/questions if you’ll allow me to post them here.

    Issue 24 of Invincible Iron Man was really a great ending to a very special arc.

    It (Tony’s mind wipe) poses an interesting question. Is Tony now still the same person who would make the decisons he made during CW even if he doesn’t remember making those decision? Are we nothing but the sum of our memories?

    My greatest concern is how this affects Pepper ( my new favorite superhero). Tony does not remember sleeping with her or Maria and building the Rescue suit and all Pepper went through to help him during his dumbing down. How does it affect Pepper and Tony’s relationship? And please please please can Pepper keep her suit?

    That’s what I’m most looking forward to read.

  6. If the following characters were alive had an iPod, what song would they currently be listening to?

    1)Tony Stark

    2)Scott Summers

    3)Dr. Yuriko Takiguchi

    4)Nikola Tesla

    Keep up all the great work. That goes for both Matt and John. Thanks for doing this guys.

  7. Jason Faris

    ***Spoilers Regarding Stark Dissassembled ARC***

    Regarding the ending of Stark Dissassembled, you pretty much did the impossible by having Tony redeem himself only to take the easy way out afterwards with the whole missing years thing. This seemed at first like the biggest cop out. But now I am wondering, Is this a way to show he was CAPABLE of redeeming himself but still hold him responsible for his actions. The guy who deleted the hard drive wasn’t the man who drove the world to civil war anymore but the guy who woke up is.

    Go one way and this is totally moronic another way it is genius. So my second question; Are you a moron or a genius. Is this move regarding something like the above or are you just taking a short cut to “The Heroic Age” by pressing the do over button.

    All jokes aside love your work Matt, been with ya since Casanova Album 1 and can’t wait for more Fraction Thor!!!

  8. geeksunitenetwork

    -Is Matt going to revisit more of Thor’s past adventures? When he was hewing sinew and flesh with hammer and sword?

    -Has Matt ever considered revisiting Iron Fist? It seems like once he left. Ol’ Danny Rand seemed to get pushed in the background


  9. Will the Mandarin be showing up again soon? The previous volume of Iron Man made him a very important character indeed and I’d love to see him back. He does appear on the cover for Iron Man #25 . . .

  10. 1. Has getting involved with The Best Show on WFMU led to any creative inspiration or new opportunities for yourself or others?

  11. Nikolas Rabogliatti

    Previous Fraction podcasts have been some of the best I’ve ever heard, so I’m totally looking forward to this one. Btw (and this is in reference to a previous podcast) I live in Europe, Belgium to be precise, and I thought it’d be nice to know you can get your stuff (including Casanova) over here!

    -Which influences do you channel for each of your books? They all have a “Fraction”-feel, but they always seem to channel diffrent elements. What do you take into Iron Man that you leave out of X-men, what music and movies help you create Thor, which books have been instrumental to Casanova,…..

    – Is there a chance we see you moving on out of comics? Into scriptwriting, directing or just writing plain novels? Especially knowing you have a movie-background?

  12. Hey Matt,
    anything you’d like to tackle at dc one day?

    I think you’d be a great fit for Green Lantern.

  13. Dear Matt,

    As a fan of collected editions I was glad to see the Immortal Iron Fist Omnibus. It’s refreshing to know that Marvel gives you and the character this sort of special care and treatment.

    That Omnibus collected Immortal Iron Fist up to issue #16, Annual #1 and three other comics (Civil War: Choosing Sides, Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death, and The Origin of Danny Rand).

    Do you anticipate a smaller Volume 2 that would collect #17-27 and Orson Randall and the Death Queen of California? Or could it be expanded to also collect the Immortal Weapons series #1-5?

    Chris from Detroit

  14. 1) When will you do more Rex Mantooth?

    2) Where is Big Hat?

  15. Will there ever be a sequel to The Dark Knight Strikes Back?

    Who would win in a fight between Jesus and Wolverine?

    Why aren’t there more superheroes named Phil?

    And what IS your favorite sandwich? Don’t lie this time.

  16. I find your writing style to be quite similar to Grant Morrison’s writing style, and very influenced by it (just to be clear, that is a compliment)… what are some of your favorite Morrsion comics and is there anything specific that influenced you?

  17. Question #2

    I’ve heard rumors that Casanova will be re-collected in full color from Marvel’s Icon imprint. Is there any truth to that?

  18. Loving all the Marvel related WB podcasts, thanks John.

    Matt, congrats on bringing a unique take on Iron Man that’s gathering acclaim for the title. I’ve been reading Iron Man for well over 30 yrs, and I’m enjoying your run on the book.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. Showing the expression of emotion in Iron Man art has been a challenge for many past creators. We’ve seen some artists go so far as to make Iron Man’s faceplate smile or frown to convey the ‘feeling’ on the panel. Other creators favour realism so much that you can look at the Iron Man mask and get absolutely no expression whatsoever, from any angle. Do you think that it’s important, to have the suit itself be useful as a story-telling device, to set tone, or mood of the character visually, or convey emotion in the story? Personally, I found that the movie helmet design does this brillantly, with curving lines that provide an intense ‘expression’, just by looking at the mask. Do you speak with your artists about this sort of thing for the art in the books?

    2. Since you have long term plans for the book, do you feel any compunction to wrap up dangling details from previous Iron Man stories for the reading fans? For example, will Stark ever find out that his World War Hulk solution was sabotaged? Will there be repercussions? Will we ever really know why his helmet kept falling apart when anyone this side of Aunt May would take a swing at him, as Director of
    S.H.I.E.L.D.? Stuff like this… fan questions. Do you guys keep track of details that haven’t been passed on to the readers yet and make effort to fit those in? Just curious.


  19. Hi John and Matt

    Matt, I’ve love your Iron Man, your Uncanny X-Men hasn’t been bad at all, and I look very much forward to your Thor. Onto my questions:

    1. Karnilla is one of the greatest characters of all the Asgardians, yet she’s been ignored in favor of some new crap pet character of whatever writer was on the book. Walt Simonson was the last writer to do anything with her. Do you plan on following Walt’s lead or do you have your own crap pet characters that you plan to give Karnilla’s very deserved screentime to?

    2. Do you have any new villians planned for Thor, Iron Man, or the X-Men, that you think can be returning threats the same way that their best villians are?

    Dusty lives!

  20. 1. What has it been like returning to Casanova, and what can you tell us about the process this time around knowing that you’re writing longer, full-color stories?

    2. What can you tell us about other projects in the works, such as the baseball and Abraham Lincoln graphic novels?

    Thank you.