Listener Mail and A Joe Casey Flashback

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Image Comics is releasing GODLAND Celestrial Edition Vol 2 very soon, so I thought it would be a good time to revisit this 2005 talk with writer Joe Casey. We talk about his work with artist Tom Scioli and their love of the Kirby cosmic era brought to life in this incredible series.

We also look back at Automatic Kafka with Ashley Wood, Batman Faces with Cully Hamner, Joe’s run on Superman, and his 2005 mini series with Scott Kollins, Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.


One response to “Listener Mail and A Joe Casey Flashback

  1. Thanks for the feedback John, and making sense of my way too verbose comment.

    Re: Joe Casey Flashback – two great insights here:

    1) Writing Against the Zeitgeist: Informative to hear such a talented and professional writer contend with the tidal shifts of popular entertainment particularly writing an insular Batman during Hush or Earth’s Mightiest as a response to New Avengers. Despite ability and intention, timing is always a factor.

    2) The Internet Magnifying Glass: As a novice creator, I can only hope for some lightning in a bottle success off of my first upcoming work.

    But I also know that I need the time to improve my craft through the act of doing it. I can already see my own learning curve on the page and just need to press forward with each issue, battling perfectionism with productivity and trial and error.

    In the Digital Age, the stakes seem higher in both directions – the greater visibility provided may may equal greater success but there’s also a well-informed and vocal audience out there that may evaluate my work against a market that extends from reprints of comics masters to high-gloss comic blockbusters to the latest internet discoveries from countries across the globe.

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