Dick Giordano- 1932-2010

What a great creator. From creating Sarge Steel, to his tenure at Charlton as EIC, his signature style on Batman, co-founding Continuity with Neal Adams, and his great run as Executive Editor of the DC line green lighting projects like Watchmen, The Dark Night Returns, and so much more. You may recall he did a section of Mark Millar’s WANTED, which depicted a flashback hero sequence. Go to his website and look at his sci-fi work on Colony with Bob Layton. The guy still had his art chops till the very end.

Thank You Dick, and Good Afternoon.


One response to “Dick Giordano- 1932-2010

  1. Hey Mr.Siuntres,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m sue his family and friends love hearing how Dick’s work really meant something to people.

    What little time spent with him at shows and more over getting stories from his assistant Rob show him to really be one of those illusive talented nice guys.

    Seeing him work tended to leave a good feeling buzz.

    He never stopped and he will never be forgotten.



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