(Not) All My Sons & Other WB cameos

Interesting weekend. I thought the drama about friday’s blog might result in some feed but I didn’t see this coming.

Despite this awesome mini comic cover, I am not the father of Eric Esquivel or Dave Baker . Eric tells the whole story at his blog, which made enough of a flutter on Twitter and Facebook, that it caught Rich Johnson’s attention on his Bleeding Cool Blog, under Bastard Watch.

Thanks Rich, though it never got dangerous ya ponce… did I say that right ?

Also The guys at the Bonebat comedy Podcast were kind to offer me promo space on their 43rd episode with coverage of the Emerald City Con talking to Tim Seeley, Greg Rucka , Richard Starkings, Mike Oeming and others.

And I make occasional asides jumping on mic over the final live episodes of Around Comics, or as we’ve been calling it, The Bataan Death March Of Comic Podcasts.


One response to “(Not) All My Sons & Other WB cameos

  1. littlekingryan*

    Too bad about the spelling on that cover…

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