John Ostrander’s Expands The Star Wars Legacy & THE DCU

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Always happy to welcome back writer John Ostrander, who’s back to talk about Star Wars: Legacy, and why it’s at a good point to jump on if you haven’t checked it out before. We also discuss his recent work at DC, like 3 spectacular issues of Secret Six, which featured an incredible one issue story on Deadshot, and a 2 issue Blackest Night tie-in that pit the Suicide Squad against The Six.

We talk about Amanda Waller’s apearences in Smallville, talk about new projects in the works featuring Grimjack and Munden’s Bar, and wonder why DC hasn’t collected John & Del Close’s amazing horror-comedy shock series Wasteland.


4 responses to “John Ostrander’s Expands The Star Wars Legacy & THE DCU

  1. What a hoot!

    Great talk, guys.

  2. I met Jon two years back at Fallcon in Minnesota. Great guy, very patient with my fanboy yammering! 🙂

    Can’t wait to check out Suicide Squad for the first time in Showcase format this summer!

  3. Great interview, as always. Ostrander is such a terrific storyteller, from his scripting work to the small anecdotal gems in these conversations.

    The Star Wars prequel films left a bad taste in my mouth for the franchise, but listening to this podcast piqued my interest in Legacy and Ostrander’s other SW series. I might check those out. And I’m eagerly awaiting the showcase release of Suicide Squad, as well.

  4. Wonderful interview! I’d been trying to find an update on Ostrander’s health, but couldn’t; very glad to hear his surgery went as well as could be expected. Also thrilled to hear he may have more DC work coming.

    I laughed when Siuntres referred to Ostrander’s “Republic years;” I was sure he was about to make a B&W movie serial gag. (Sorry about using last names; not being disrespectful, just trying to keep my Johns straight.)

    I really believe that the Ostrander/Mandrake Spectre series is a forgotten classic. John took on religion, morality, politics, and much more during the series, and he did it masterfully. I’ve gotta go find my back issues now….

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