Phil Hester : Stop Chasing Batgirl

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Phil Hester joins us to say he’s not chasing batgirl anymore. The artist has been a busy writer creating the Anchor for Boom Studios, writing The Darkness for top cow, and black terror for dynamite. We get the lowdown on al of these series, plus Phil talks about some deals brewing for The Coffin and Fire Breather.

Finally we talk about the changing comics market, and why some creators may be holding onto their best ideas for their own exploitation. The conversation starts with Phil’s role as breakdown artist on Dynamite’s Green Hornet series adapted from an unfilmed screenplay by Kevin Smith


2 responses to “Phil Hester : Stop Chasing Batgirl

  1. Thank you for this interview, John.

    Your last interview with Matt Wagner was my gateway drug to Dynamite Comics. I love Zorro: Year One, the Lone Ranger, and I’m looking forward to collecting Green Hornet: Year One, as well. I never had much interest into the Project Superheroes world until now.

    Now I’m sold. I’ll be checking out PS, Black Terror and Masquerade in the future. That’s how cool your podcast is, John. Thanks again.

  2. Yeah – time for me to buy some Phil Hester comics.

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