Word Balloon Partners Up With iFanboy !

Hey folks, if you haven’t heard the news, I’ve left the bosom of Newsarama, and entered into a similar arrangement with iFanboy.com

why? because working together we’re pooling our resources to grow both entities.

I’ve been friends with Ron, Josh and Connor since our first hang out sessions in 2006, at CCI . We’ve always helped each other behind the scenes introducing creators to either show, and late last year began to talk about the possibility of working more closely together.I think the end result will be even more podcasts and content for my site and theirs.

In addition, several of my other podcast pals are joining iFanboy in writing and podcast hosting capacities. Chris Nessman & Tom Katers of the slowly departing Around Comics Podcast, and Jason Wood of The 11 O’Clock podcast

Rest assured Word Balloon is still my baby, and will always be a seperate podcast and website,  and I intend to keep bringing you the best interviews and show subjects possible.

Guys like Bendis, Fraction Rucka Loeb, Johns, Millar are all still friends of both shows, and you’ll still get coverage and the distinct POV of both iFanboy and WB when we occasionally have the same folks on within a few weeks or days.

I think this gives me biz partners that are excited about the future of comics, and are willing to work with me more directly, to keep the audio and video content growing and evolving . We have some great ideas coming in the weeks and months ahead that will make you glad you listen to our shows.

Any questions? Feel free to leave them here or on the WB message board.


4 responses to “Word Balloon Partners Up With iFanboy !

  1. Very nice. Sounds like a good partnership in the making.

  2. I can’t decide if John or iFanboy got the better end of this deal, but I know congratulations are due all around. Looking forward to this great collaboration.

  3. Congrats John!!

  4. Congrats. Wordballoon and iFanboy are two of the best comic book podcasts on the internet, so it’s good to see them join.

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