Q&A Matt Fraction Part 1 of 2

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Marvel writer Matt Fraction is here to discuss his current books, the craft of comic writing , and answer a ton of fan questions.
The Fraction family is expecting their 2nd child, any day now, so Matt wanted to check in before he’s elbow deep in diapers and formula (which is similar to when he visits Bendis ) and talk about what’s ahead. We begin a 2 part word balloon conversation that will conclude next tuesday.

In part 1 of Matt’s Fireside chat,we pay tribute to the passing of artist/editor Dick Giordano.You’ll learn the origin of The Doctor America story he co-created with Brendan McCarthy for “Who Won’t Wear The Shield?” We discuss Matt’s Iron Man/Thor Free Comic Book Day issue, with John Romita Jr.

Fraction also takes us through his earliest editorial cues through Civil War, and all events that led to the upcoming Heroic Age.  he explains the nature of iron man’s series having a science fiction feel. What kind of leader has Scott Summer’s become in the wake of the mutant war? How will he reconcile Psylocke’s white and asian backgrounds? Matt also tells us what’s next for the X-Men after second coming , gives new creators tips on where to look for young artists,  and hints at some creator owned projects on the way


3 responses to “Q&A Matt Fraction Part 1 of 2

  1. Matt’s anecdote about the Yiddish quote is exactly the sort of director’s commentary I tune in for.

    I initially took it to mean that Mags was under such duress that he reverted to his native language.

    But, more than that, Kitty’s a Jewish girl and the nod to their shared ethnicity seems fitting considering his origin and that this is an act of atonement.

    It was easily the richest moment in the story. It’s full of multiple readings and proof of Matt’s edict on doing the work and then unpacking it on the page.

  2. Great interview as always. I agree with Michael, going into that bit of detail about the Kitty/Magneto relationship was what makes Wordballoon special.

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