Matt Fraction’s Fireside Q&A Part 2

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In this episode of Word Balloon, host John Siuntres wraps up his marathon chat with the Marvel writer. You’ll here more fan questions that lead to covering topics like  the upcoming 68 page Mandarin story in the next Iron Man Annual, Matt’s favorite X-Men, A sense of the direction for the first arcs of Matt’s debut run on  Thor,, and more.


4 responses to “Matt Fraction’s Fireside Q&A Part 2

  1. An excellent interview, but I have a quick question. I wondered why you didn’t ask Fraction about the possiblity of Cassanova at Icon. Given the Cassanova/Icon annoucement at C2E2 (which I think will do wonders for Cassanova and Fraction), were you equally surprised or did you have prior knowledge?

  2. fair question. the reality is, publishers want to announce new projects at big conventions, not on podcasts.

    Matt and I did talk about all the cassanova plans in this taping, which you will hear on the next episode of word balloon, along with more news from c2E2

  3. Didn’t Fraction bring it up in passing in this very interview? Granted it was a blink and you’ll miss it sort of thing. Paraphrasing it… The Big Whigs at Marvel dig his stuff and that’s why Casanova’s at icon.

    Anyway, John, I’m a Big fan and the interviews with Fraction are, bar none, the best. You guys bounce of each other in the right ways.

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