Part 2 c2e2 View from The Floor

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On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, we wrap up our massive coverage of  c2e2 . In part 2 we talk with Mike Perkins, who talks about being at the halfway point drawing Stephen King‘s  The Stand.. Raven Gregory writor/Editor of Zenescope talks about Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and the new Charmed series. Don Kramer discusses taking over the art duties on Wonder Woman, collaborating with J. Michael Straczynski. Artist
Chris Samnee talks Area 10 his Vertigo Crime Novel with Christos Gage, his upcoming new Marvel all ages book Thor: The Mighty Avenger written by Roger Langridge, and the origin of Comic Twart, the online artist jam blog, featuring many top illustrators.  A massive Green Lantern creator conversation, with Doug Mahnke, Christian Allmay, Pete Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.

Tom Stillwell talks about Honor Brigade and the new Toy Boy one shot. Zander Cannon discusses his work on Top 10 for Wildstorm and his book on the US-Soviet space race T-Minus with Kevin Cannon and Jim Ottaviani.
Josh Elder talks about co-founding Reading With Pictures,a not for profit group trying to bring comics to the classroom, to help schools promote and encourage literacy . Andy Kuhn and Phil Hester  tell us about the return of their Image Comics series Firebreather, and its coming debut as an anime film for Cartoon Network directed by Peter Chung.. Matt Kindt talks about the Super Spy The Lost Dossier for Top Shelf  and his June Vertigo OGN Revolver. Web Comic creators Len Kody and Tony Maldanado talk Chicago 1968,. David Peterson talks Mouse Guard : Legends Of the Guard , and Janet Lee & Jim McCann discuss their children’s book Return of The Dapper Men both from Archaia , Chris Burnam talks about Officer Downe his new collaboration with Joe Casey for Image, and his work on Boom’s Armory Wars with Peter David, and Tom Fowler wraps things up to talk about Mysterius The Unfathomable for Wildstorm, and his work for Mad Magazine.

Check out some of the amazing art.

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