My Guest Shot on The Gordcast

Gordie Adams had me as a guest on his Gordcast. here’s the link and the description

Download the show here

Gordie meets and interviews John Siuntres from Word Balloon, for the first time! (…beamed in from the Boom Tube or surfing on cosmic waves.) The conversation is super comic book centric, while dipping in and out of sports talk, movie talk and who’s the oldest guy in the room.

John admits he is not a gardener, nor a fisherman, but loves being a city guy and gives Gordie tips on how to rule the podcast waves.

Gordie meets celebrities,gave up on comics, stayed cool with Love and Rockets, Cerebus, Arthur Adams and fails his own test on old time hockey conferences.

They both agree that Breaking Bad and Precious (based on the novel Push by Sapphire) are tough to watch, but Schindler’s List can be enjoyed? more than once.

EC comics, Jack Davis, Jason Aaron, Al Feldstein, Chris Neseman, Brubaker and wonder of wonders…   Bendis gets mentioned.

This one goes longer than usual, but we just kept going.  Just listen and enjoy!


4 responses to “My Guest Shot on The Gordcast

  1. Enjoyed this interview a lot! It’s nice to hear you on the other side of the discussion table John.

  2. Enjoyed the interview OF Suntres rather then by Suntres..but WHAT was going on with the annoying background music? Was that on purpose?

  3. Yeah, that’s background music that I use ala Smodcast and the songs coincide with the topics. I always wonder if anybody notices and so far I haven’t had negative comments. Thanks for the input.

  4. always great to hear more from you!!

    EC talk! sweet!
    it’d be great if you ever got to interview some of the authors that are still alive from those publications.
    i’ve heard interviews with jack davis, al feldstein, jack kamen, marie severin on comiczoneradio
    but those were from about 8 years ago…

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