Agents Of Atlas 3-D Man And Ape Talk With Parker & Hardman

Download The MP3 Here

What do 3-D Man The Agents Of Atlas and The Planet Of The Apes Have In Common? They’re all discussed in full by our guests Jeff Parker And Gabriel Hardman .

Tell me you wouldn’t watch the Adventures Of Armando, Circus Manager.


5 responses to “Agents Of Atlas 3-D Man And Ape Talk With Parker & Hardman

  1. hearing the talk about the lost tippi hedren movie got me to thinking about other lost films, and i suddenly decided to look up the day the clown cried on wikipedia. an hour later, you guys mention it in the interview. that’s just creepy.

  2. BenjaminHarrison

    This is one of the best WordBalloons ever. Jeff + Gabe + John = Hilarious and Entertaining. The addition of Planet of the Apes raises this to “masterpiece” caliber podcasting–seriously.

    I also love it when John finds people who can relate to all of his obscure mid-20th century pop culture references. I don’t always follow, but it’s fun to listen in… this time I did look up the Uncle from My Three Sons though. You guys are awesome.

    Thanks for another excellent show John. Your podcasts raise my spirits and help me get through each work week.

    Take care!

  3. Excellent show as always. I really liked Jeff Parker’s X-Men First Class, and now I’m going to have to go and find Agents of Atlas trades and pick up the new series.

  4. Really after listening to this there is you must come to Stumptown in Portland. You got Parker, samnee, fraction, Remender, Bendis, Lieber and so many more here in portland.

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