A-Ha’s Farewell Tour Hits Chicago

The Norwegian 80’s pop band A-Ha is in the midst of their Global Farewell Tour, and hit Chicago’s Riviera Theater last Wed.

My dear friend Sandy Patyk of WTMX Radio said the band is still in great form musically and 25 years since their global debut looked great

here are the three members… Lead singer Morten Harket

Guitarist Paul Waaktaar-Savoy

And keyboardist ‘Mags’ Furuholmen

Why should you care? If you don’t remember, in 1985 the band, and director Steve Barron gave us one of the best comic book inspired rotoscope videos  Take On Me. It was animated by Michael Patterson .

It won 6 MTV music video awards, but ironically lost the video of the year category to Dire Strait’s Computer animated “Money For Nothing”. Plus Family Guy gave it a hilarious send up in a random opening scene.


One response to “A-Ha’s Farewell Tour Hits Chicago

  1. The Riviera show was fabulous. Had to waited 25 years to see them, but it was worth it. I hope some live music is released from the farewell tour.

    Thanks for the music a-ha!

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