The Bendis Tapes Part 1 Avengers Assemble

Download The Episode Here

It’s that time again. Bendis is back to answer the questions readers posted at his jinxworld message board. Learn the secrets behind his new slate of Avengers Books, Avengers with John Romita Jr, New Avengers with Stuart Immomen, and Avengers Prime with Alan Davis.  You’ll hear about the line-ups and what’s going on in the opening arcs. Plus deatails on the text and art back up feature THE ORAL HISTORY OF THE AVENGERS .

We also discuss Brian’s new creator owned series Scarlett with Alex Maleev, attending the Iron Man 2 premiere, more details about his film project FIRE starring Zac Effron , and the Marvel movies in current production Captain America, & Thor .


7 responses to “The Bendis Tapes Part 1 Avengers Assemble

  1. Love the love.

    Always love hearing you guys commiserate over shared interests along with the dedication and insight that Brian brings to his work.

    Some shared love:
    – Geek Daddy Bendis with his daughters is so friggin endearing.

    – The Iron Fist love and his mythology’s role in New Avengers!

    – “Please Kill Me!” and Bri pushing for a back-up feature to Avengers. Cool for fans, sounds like a smart business move in terms of feeding the franchise, and should totally play to Brian’s strength of framing the fantastice through the eyes of the characters.

    – I need to do a “Network”/ “Face in the Crowd” double-feature

    – The art on the Bachalo DA Annual. I never have that book far from my desk.

  2. Charles H. Bryan

    Just downloaded and looking forward to listening to it tonight.

    John, you do such a fine job of interviewing these creators. The love you have for the medium and the respect you have for their work shows through all the time.

    Please pass along to the creators that there are some of us that decide to sample (and sometimes end up following) their work because of the exposure on your podcast.

  3. I’m a little over halfway through this ep, but I had to stop and tell you I laughed my ass off at your Cosby impression.

    Great & entertaining work as always, John!

  4. Another great show. John you rock, one of the great audio interviewers around. I’ve been listening for a couple years and have just been wanting to say that. It’s so great you’re covering comics!

  5. Mort Panels…
    Could he have meant Wally Woods’ 21 panels?

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