The Bendis Tapes May 2010 Part 2

Download The MP3 here

More of Bendis’s Q&A from his Jinxworld Message Board . You’ll learn more about his current runs on the Avenger books, Ultimatepider-Man Powers, his creator owned series Scarlett and Powers. Plus plenty of pop culture talk.

And here’s the Q&A Thread to follow along


6 responses to “The Bendis Tapes May 2010 Part 2

  1. littlekingryan*

    Hey, John. These are great as always. I even like to save them and listen to them again. I don’t see a download link for this one, though. Am I overlooking it?

  2. littlekingryan*

    Oh, wait. I found it by clicking the link on the right hand column. Nevermind!

  3. John,

    Read “pipeline” on CBR for May 25. Augie talks digital vs. print. Using The current Bendis tapes part 1 as a starting point.


  4. Charles H. Bryan

    Just wanted to send along a compliment and a thank you for the Bendis interviews. Good grief, a four hour conversation, with more to come! I really enjoy the chemistry you have with BMB; it’s not just great fun to listen, but also very informative about the creative process and the business.

    And I’m looking forward to the Tony Harris ‘town hall’ meeting. I wonder if he and Steve Niles have spoken with any of the people involved in earlier attempts to start something along the lines of a guild, or if they’ve spoken with people in other guilds (such as WGA, SAG, or DGA).

    Love the show!

  5. Jonathan Conrad

    Enjoying the shows with BMB. I know this is late, but one thing Brian said that bothers me. He said even if the comics companies only charged 25 cents for a book that someone would complain it still costs too much.
    But to me, that is NOT a reason for NOT lowering the prices of books. In fact, I don’t think his reason fits.
    Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest.

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