Comic Book Movie Talk With IFC’s Matt Singer

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IFC Film Podcast Host and Critic Matt Singer is back to talk about this seasons new comic book films. We discuss Kick-Ass, The Losers and Iron Man 2 . How did they do and what were the studio’s expectations on these and the upcoming films like Jonah Hex & Scott Pilgrim Vs The Universe?

We also talk about the comic book  films in production, Thor, Green Lantern & Captain America, The First Avenger, Plus Matt recommends some more lousy films to laugh at .


9 responses to “Comic Book Movie Talk With IFC’s Matt Singer

  1. Steven Chambers

    Just wanted to let you guys know that right behind my house on Mission and Valenica street, there is a comic shop called Caffinated Comics that has a coffee bar. Right here in sunny SF.

  2. It is just so dissapointing to me that we can’t address real “issues” in movies. Alcoholism is a topic we can address in main stream all ages comic books in 1979 (Demon in a Bottle) but not in a PG-13 movie in 2010? Alcholism is one of THE defining characteristics for Tony Stark’s character and dealing with it in the dissmissive way they do in IM 2 is a cop out and simply unforgivable. Not to mention indicative of how lazy and shallow we have gotten in our main stream culture.

    Comics as, iconic modern day morality tales, are the only thing that elevates them above their reputation’s as immature trash. Take the moral message away from super heroes and that is exactly what you are left with, not exactly the best way to expand a fan base.

    “They aren’t just for kids anymore”?

    On the big screen actually it looks like they are.

  3. Jason, Let’s give this genre a chance to evolve and get more complex beyond being all ages popcorn movie fare. It’s going to take time and small steps to get there. The public will have to convince the studios, and their execs will disagree with you.

    The Dark Knight was a strong first brave step, but only the first, and dark films like WATCHMEN, that did include some adult themes didn’t do as well as the safe territory explored in the Spider-Man films.

    It took several decades for westerns to move past saturday morning shoot ups, and become comlplex psychologial dramas.

    Let’s give it some time.

  4. Oh, John I definitely agree with almost everything you said.

    I am just bemoaning a culture that is so backwards that funny books are capable of handling adult themes but 13 and over movies aren’t.

    Also they should have just skipped the whole thing instead of giving us the whole watered down blood poisoning version. Or just hinted at the drinking for those of us in the nod and had Tony just be irresponsible.

    The way they handled it here takes the whole “responsibility” “guilt, for past actions” thing off the board entirely. And never asks Tony to face up to his irresponsible actions. “I was sick, it wasn’t my fault”. Which is kind of a bad message really, when he has a drink in his hand through the whole movie.

    I enjoyed the “spectacle” of the film but as far as character development goes this is really worst case scenario.

    Plus, when we play down to what sells we get six Red Hulks, and then everyone loses.

    Seriously though I would argue that it is easier to start with a wide variety of takes on a genre than to start with one take and introduce more later. We are absolutely going to get more of the same until it is run into the ground.

  5. Ilan Preskovsky

    Gamer?!? Seriously, he had a problem with Kick Ass but recommended Gamer?!?! That piece of unwatchable crap was possibly the worst film I saw last year.

    Also, I disagree with the idea that Kick Ass shouldn’t have moved away from its “real world” promise. Over the 25 years since Watchmen etc. I have gotten so sick and tired of “real” takes on superheroes and LOVED that the premise was just a feint for something a lot better.

  6. Ilan, to each his own.

    IMO, GAMER wasn’t trying to be anymore than a fun action film, and I think it succeeded .

    I love great movies, and also find a lot of joy out of lunk-headed films that are only aiming for your gut.

  7. Ilan Preskovsky

    Sure, John but I thought that Gamer simply wasn’t a good action movie. Crank 2, on the other hand, was so insanely over the top and ridiculous that I couldn’t help but like it. Gamer had no where near that same sense of lunacy, much to its tremendous detriment.

  8. Ok Ilan, for me the bar was set at the same low level for Gamer and both Crank films.

  9. Loved the episode, but have one difference in opinion.

    I thought Kick Ass becoming completely over the top and crazy was ingenious. The concept of superheroes themselves are crazy.

    Even though it is over the top, is Kick Ass really any more unrealistic than The Dark Knight? The inherent ridiculousness of superheroes is very apparent if you think about it for too long. I think it was an absurd movie that is very interesting discussion point for superhero films as a genre.

    I just thought it was a great absurd comedy that was both a spoof and a deconstruction of superhero films. I also thought in terms of film making it was one of the best made superhero films ever.

    Or maybe I loved it so much because as a teenager obsessed with comics, I saw a lot of myself in the main character and it played to my dark sense of humor for the absurd.

    Anyway, great episode!

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